Primary Care at Home

Primary Care at Home

Who is this program for?

Primary Care at Home is for individuals who cannot leave their home to have their health care needs met. This can be due to aging, limited mobility or mental health. Guelph’s Primary Care at Home Program can help by being an extension of your family doctor’s office and visit you at your own home.

The goal is to reach individuals who are at risk for isolation, living in unsafe conditions, or have lack of access to resources, so that we can provide help before these issues become a crisis.

What does this program look like?

A Registered Nurse or Social Worker visits you in your home to provide you with the support and ongoing chronic disease management you need. Your family doctor is updated on your progression and care needs on a regular basis. You are involved in creating your own care plan and the Registered Nurse or Social Worker supports you to meet your care goals.

How do I book an appointment?

If you think that you would benefit from this program; speak to a member of your care team at your family doctor’s office. They can make a referral if they feel that Primary Care at Home is needed for you. After a referral is made you will be contact directly by a Registered Nurse or Social Worker to book your first home visit.

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