Board of Directors

The Guelph FHT Board of Directors is comprised of 7 Physician members and 2 community members from Guelph.


  • Dr. Joan Chan
  • Dr. David Cranmer
  • Dr. Manu Kaushik
  • Mr. Dale Mills
  • Dr. Ellen Pavanel
  • Dr. Chris Stemerdink
  • Dr. Carol Thomson
  • Ms. Geetha Van den Daele
  • Dr. Ken Woo

Functions of the Board of Directors

Planning: Setting the mission, vision, values and overall strategic direction of the organization.

Policy Development: Making and introducing policies to guide the actions of the organization.

Oversight and Monitoring: Reviewing legal compliance, financial stability, quality and performance, and potential risk.

Performance Management: Evaluating the strength of the organization by managing the performance of the board and executive director.

Leadership Team

  • Ross Kirkconnell – Executive Director

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