What is green healthcare?

Green healthcare looks at ways to reduce waste and carbon emissions that come from healthcare practices. This includes activities like recycling, lowering energy usage, and reducing travel to clinics, to name a few. In doing so, care becomes more sustainable while meetingĀ  the needs of our patients, community and environment.

Why is it important?

Climate change is the current greatest population health concern. Environmental changes resulting from climate change include: wildfires, water and air pollution and extreme weather and temperature trends. As a result, we are experiencing more disease, allergies, malnutrition, heat stress and other health-related concerns. Healthcare is a major source of carbon emissions, contributing to climate change. The good news is there is action we can all take to do our part to reduce our carbon emissions.

Green Council Vision and Mission

To empower primary care throughout Guelph to embrace and champion environmental stewardship.

Engage primary care teams across Guelph
and raise awareness

Support primary care teams in their implementation of green healthcare practices

Facilitate change in patient, provider and community understanding and behaviour

The Guelph Family Health Team is working on these 5 initiatives to help combat climate change

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