Our Care Team


Our Doctors play a major role in the healthcare system of Waterloo Wellington Region through a range of acute, chronic and preventive medical care services to over 100,000 Guelph residents.


Our team of Psychiatrists specializes in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders across all ages and genders.

Our Care Team - Registered Nurses

Our team of Registered Nurses and Primary Care Nurse Clinicians are focused on collaborative relationships that promote the best possible outcomes for clients. These relationships are interprofessional, involving a variety of health care professionals working together to deliver quality care within and across different GuelphFHT practices.

Nurse Practititioners

Our team of Nurse Practititioners is grounded in the values, knowledge and theories of professional nursing practice. It emphasizes health promotion and the prevention of illness, injury and complications for patients. NPs work with diverse patient populations in a variety of contexts and practice settings across the health illness & well-being continuum. They are a resource to patients, other nurses and health care professionals, and they provide leadership in advocating for patients.

Mental Health Counsellors

Our team of Mental Health Counsellors use scientific and applied behavioral science theories, methods, and techniques to assist an individual or group to better understand personal strengths and weaknesses, to restructure concepts and feelings, to define goals and to plan actions as these relate to personal, social, educational and career development.

Our Care Team - Pharmacists

Our team of Clinical Pharmacists provide high-quality, coordinated, patient-centered care to ensure that individuals and populations achieve the best possible outcomes from their medications. Clinical pharmacists assess medication-related needs, evaluate medication therapy, develop and implement plans of care, and provide follow-up evaluation and medication monitoring in collaboration with other members of the health care team.

Our Care Team - Registered Dietitians

Our team of Registered Dietitians are uniquely trained to provide information, guidance and support on food and nutrition for you and your family, right in your doctor or nurse practitioner’s office. Do you want to know how food can help manage your health condition and improve your wellbeing? Do you want to strengthen your personal or family’s relationship with food? Ask at your doctor’s office. We can help.


Our team of Registered Kinesiologists will help clients to adapt different types of exercise activities that can help to improve cardiovascular endurance, increase muscular strength, power, decrease risk of falls, improve quality of life, sleeping habits, immune system function, and body composition.

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