Guelph Family Health Team Strategic Plan, 2020 – 2021

VISION: Leadership, innovation and excellence in primary care

MISSION: An interdisciplinary team improving the health of Guelph and area residents through patient-guided, quality focused primary healthcare.

SHARED PURPOSE: Working together, with our patients and with our community to support good health for all people in Guelph.

2021-22 represents a unique time for the Guelph Family Health Team. The primary focus of Guelph FHT is to deliver continuous, relationship-centred and team-based primary care. This one-year plan represents our plan to continue this care in the context of two very significant issues affecting local and provincial health care:
• COVID-19
Guelph Family Health Team staff, physicians and practice staff are committed to supporting our community during the COVID pandemic. We fully anticipate this work throughout the year and our capacity to engage in additional priorities beyond day-to-day support of our patients will be significantly impacted by the pandemic.
• Guelph-Wellington Ontario Health Team
The evolution of the Ontario Health Team (OHT) and the ongoing work of the Guelph FHT are intrinsically linked. Our focus on continuous improvement and integration of primary care is foundational to the OHT. As OHT planning continues, Guelph FHT priorities will align with OHT priorities.

People get the care they need
when they need it.

  • Develop strategy for approaches to care including virtual care
  • Develop a Primary Care Digital Health Strategy linked to OHT
    Develop a Primary Care Digital Health Strategy linked to OHT

We work with our community to
build a better health system.

  • Lead OHT development of Integrated Primary Care Teams
  • Lead OHT planning to integrate primary mental health and addictions care

Patients feel good about
the care we provide.

  • Engage our Patient advisors to shape and improve care, ensuring inclusivity and equity
  • Gather and use patient experience information to guide our work

Our team feels supported
in their work.

  • Ensure our work environment supports our well-being
  • Support ongoing learning with a focus on quality

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