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Introducing our Patient & Family Advisory Committee

Meet our caring, dedicated group of Guelph-area residents who are committed to ensuring patient voices are heard. This team of volunteers has met once a month since March 2019. Together, they advise the Guelph Family Health Team on how to improve our health-care services, suggest new services and programs and, most importantly, help us to understand what it feels like to be a patient.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with our Patient & Family Advisors to make health care better.


Who We Are

The Patient and Family Advisory Committee supports the Guelph Family Health Team (FHT) as it works to improve quality and access in comprehensive primary care. Drawn from across Guelph and area, we use our diverse perspectives to support key values of equity, inclusiveness and anti-oppression in health care.

What We Do

Sharing our insights as patients, family members, and caregivers, we support Guelph FHT services and programs through:

  • Improvement: We recommend specific improvements upon consultation by FHT staff.
  • Information: We extend the FHT’s reach by sharing information with the broader community.
  • Identification: We highlight service gaps to help providers ensure equitable treatment for under-served people in our area.
  • Involvement: We monitor and measure patient perceptions via surveys and other ongoing feedback.

Our Patient Advisors have developed a framework to help communicate and raise awareness of all the patient engagement activities at the Guelph FHT. Thank you Patient Advisors for your work on this. 

Patient & Family Advisory Committee NEWSLETTER

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