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Guelph Family Health Team is going Green!

Guelph Family Health Team is going Green!

Guelph residents going to their doctors’ offices on November 24 may see their doctors, nurses and others wearing green shirts saying Climate Change is a Health Issue. [Nov.18, Guelph, ON] Guelph Family Health Team wants the community to know health and climate change...

Team-based Primary Health Care in Guelph

Welcome to the Guelph Family Health Team home page!

The Guelph Family Health Team provides a team-based approach to primary care in many locations across the city of Guelph. Family doctors and other members of the care team support patients to maintain their health and prevent and treat illness. With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Guelph Family Health Team is improving the way people experience health care in Guelph.

Patients of the Guelph Family Health Team have access to a range of supports including family doctors and other clinicians, after hours and specialized clinics. We truly believe a healthy community is good for everyone, and we provide free wellness programs and classes for all residents of the Guelph area.

Need An After-Hours Clinic?

Guelph Family Health Team doctors run several After-Hours Clinics for patients who need to see a doctor but the office is closed. After-Hours clinics are provided to meet urgent care needs that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment.

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