We understand that our patients and community members may feel worried and hesitant about getting a COVID-19 vaccine. The Doctors and Staff of the Guelph Family Health Team believe the COVID-19 vaccines are very safe – we have been vaccinated ourselves! We want you to know that COVID-19 vaccines are an important tool to help stop the pandemic. Getting vaccinated helps to save your life and protect the lives of others.

When it is your turn, we encourage and urge everyone to please get vaccinated, SAY YES! Thank you again for all you are doing to stay safe.

To promote the importance of getting vaccinated and address vaccine hesitancy, Guelph Family Health Team Physicians and Health Care Providers are sharing their reason(s) for getting the COVID-19 vaccine through a series of social media posts, using the hashtag #MyWhy.

Guelph FHT Nurse Practitioner, Karen Cox shares her reason for choosing to get vaccinated: “I got my COVID-19 Vaccine because I have Type 1 diabetes and this puts me at a greater risk of severe complications, hospitalization, and death. I have 3 young children and I’m not willing to risk that!”

Guelph FHT Physician, Dr. Ian MacPhee’s message is short but still impactful:


Stay tuned to @GuelphFHT on Twitter and @GuelphFamilyHealthTeam on Facebook as we continue to share messages from your Guelph Family Doctors and Health Care Providers.


[Media Release, PDF] GuelphFHT Doctors, Health Care Providers share why they got vaccinated


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