Guelph residents going to their doctors’ offices on November 24 may see their doctors, nurses and others wearing green shirts saying Climate Change is a Health Issue.

[Nov.18, Guelph, ON] Guelph Family Health Team wants the community to know health and climate change are connected and we ALL can do something about it.

According to numerous medical journals, climate change is the biggest threat to global public health.  “Healthcare has to do its part”, said Ross Kirkconnell, Executive Director of the Guelph Family Team, “and family doctors, nurses and other clinicians and staff are excited to be a part of the solution.”

Dr. David Cranmer is passionate about addressing climate change to support better health and want his patients and colleagues to know:
“Climate change is causing serious health problems, including heart and lung disease, malnutrition, cancers, infections and mental health problems. The main cause of climate change is carbon emissions from burning oil and gas and the sooner we can reduce our oil and gas use the sooner we can stop climate change. Reducing carbon emissions is now part of protecting the health of my patients. We’re trying to bring awareness of this to our community with our Family Health Team’s green initiatives.”

Key to becoming greener is engaging patients and Family Health Team patients are already talking about it. Shana Hayhurst, who co-chairs the Team’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee, comments: “The thoughtful efforts being made by the Guelph Family Health Team to adopt more environmentally responsible practices and reduce its impact on our community and planet, will certainly inspire other healthcare agencies to make their own positive changes.”

Brittany Moor, patient advisor adds “The Guelph Family Health Team’s (FHT) new Green Healthcare and Climate Change initiatives are both innovative and caring. As a patient, I’m proud that my healthcare providers are exploring a holistic approach to our community’s health.”

The Guelph Family Health Team will be taking on several “Green” initiatives over the next year including reducing exam bed paper use, recycling masks and adopting non-aerosol inhalers for patients with breathing medications. To mark the start of this, the Team has made November 24 Climate Change is a Health Issue Day.

Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik, has been involved in the planning and is excited to be taking part:
Global warming is the greatest existential crisis that mankind has ever faced. It is also the greatest threat to human health. It makes absolute sense that healthcare workers stand up to lead climate change efforts like this one. Many believe that only government action against climate change can make a difference. Thank goodness they are wrong. It is community members everywhere led by community leaders that will have the greatest impact. I am very proud to be part of our community’s healthcare response.”

Guelph Family Health Team supports 125,000 patients in the Guelph area with comprehensive, team-based primary health care.

Below are a couple of sound bites from GUELPH FAMILY DOCTORS! Please click on them to hear why they are excited to take part.

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