HPC Consultation Services Waterloo Wellington present

Fostering Resiliency: Body, Mind & Heart Workshops for 2018-2019

Guelph course begins October 9th, don’t miss out! Click on the link below to view all workshop dates.

This learning series will offer three opportunities to explore different paths to fostering
resiliency and enhancing wellness. Each session will have a unique focus; however, each will
provide opportunities to safely explore and engage in practices and reflections.
Open to all Palliative Health Care Providers & Volunteers.

Participants will learn about:
• Session 1: Resiliency & Self-Care Planning
• Session 2: Mindfulness Practices
• Session 3: Self Compassion

Cost to attend: $20.00 per Person
A light snack will be provided.

For workshop dates/times/locations and to register, CLICK HERE!


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