Craving Change

What is emotional eating? Whether you have heard of the term or not, you are sure to be familiar with the desire for comfort food. What is one of the first things we turn to after we’ve experienced a difficult, stressful, emotional, or uncomfortable time in our lives? For many of us, the answer is: food!

Eating may feel like the right response to these emotions at the time, but it is not healthy. Though it’s perfectly alright to use food as a pick me up, reward, or a way to celebrate, it’s still important that we be mindful of the food we eat and the reasons why we are eating it.

Hunger caused by emotion can’t be solved using food. The feelings that trigger the desire to eat have to be dealt with on their own.
This is not a weight loss class, but rather a time for those who struggle with emotional eating to learn how to have a healthy relationship with food.

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