Foot Care Clinic

Foot problems are common in people with Diabetes and other chronic conditions and can lead to serious complications. The Guelph Family Health Team Foot Care Clinic aims to provide patient education and individualized foot care services.

Who is this clinic for?

The Foot Care Clinic services clients who are at risk of developing foot problems (e.g., those with Diabetes) and those unable to provide their own foot care.


What does this clinic look like?

Your initial foot care visit will be scheduled with a Guelph Family Health Team Foot Care Nurse for 60 minutes. The Nurse will ask questions related to your health, and perform a complete lower extremity assessment to determine your needs. Based on your assessment the nurse will discuss your treatment plan with you. This may include a referral to a specialist, or community foot care services for ongoing support and maintenance such as nail cutting if required. *For a list of Community Foot Care Services, please call 519-837-4444.

How do I book an appointment?

Please speak with your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner for more details.


Where is it located?

The Foot Care Clinic can be found in 2 separate locations:

Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic
83 Dawson Road, Guelph, ON
Phone: 519-837-4444
Fax: 519-827-9530

Westminster Woods Medical Centre
33 Farley Drive, Guelph, ON
Phone: 519-837-4444
Fax: 519-827-9530

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