Money Management during COVID-19 Webinar

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Money Management during COVID-19 Webinar
Date: Monday, May 4
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm


Who is it for?

For individuals who may have been affected in the following ways due to COVID-19:
– have lost their job
– are not being paid due
– have become sick, are quarantined, or otherwise cannot work
– taking care of a loved one with COVID-19
– working parents who must stay home due to school closures
– self-employed and contract workers who may not be eligible for Employment Insurance


How long is the workshop?

1 session, 2 hours (includes a Q&A section)


What topics will be covered?

1. Dealing with Creditors During a Financial Crisis like the Coronavirus
  • Ontario Limitations Act Suspended
  • How to Prevent the Right of Offset with Your Bank
  • What Does a Credit or Mortgage Deferral Really Mean?
  • Dealing With Your Landlord
  • Should I Worry About My Credit Score?
  • If You Have Debts Now, Should You Get Out of the Recession?
2. Managing Bill Payments During the Crisis
  • Managing Your Bills and Debt payments
  • Will my creditors call me?
  • Is it necessary to file a bankruptcy of consumer proposal right now?
  • Beware of Emerging COVID-19 Scams
  • What is the Canada Emergency Response Benefit? Who is Eligible?  How to Apply?  Can it be Garnisheed?


What will I gain from attending?

Knowledge surrounding the Canada Emergency Response Act (CERB), how to deal with creditors, and how to manage your bills during a crisis.

Facilitated by Patty Sweeney (Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc.)



  • You MUST pre-register for this online workshop in order to receive a link to the virtual webinar

  • Participants have to be 18 years of age or older to attend.

  • This is a webinar and therefore its purpose is to deliver information in a supportive way – this is not a therapy or support group


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