All group workshops are open and offered VIRTUALLY or IN-PERSON!

Chronic Pain Management Program

Our approach is directed at helping you to function better and complete those tasks which are most important to you and not necessarily restricted to just a reduction of pain. Research has shown that a reduction in pain is not always related to a reduction in the disability associated with that pain. For this reason, we have chosen to focus on treating the disability associated with your pain and not just reduction of pain alone. You may access this program through a referral from your Health Care Provider.

What does this program offer?

The Chronic Pain Team consists of Health Care Providers dedicated to helping you. They are each here to assist you in living with and managing your pain, and are always open to answering any questions that you may have. You will meet the Chronic Pain Health care team through the following ways:

INDIVIDUAL CARE *IN-PERSON, phone call or video chat appointments:
You have a team available to you both in your Family Doctor’s office and at the Chronic Pain Management Program. At the program, you may meet with a Registered Nurse, a Registered Kinesiologist, and an Occupational Therapist. The team works together to see you for individual appointments to help figure out which resources and type of assistance will be most helpful for your individual care. They talk about things like how physical activity can help manage your chronic pain and your activities of daily life. We want to help you find ways to do the things you want and need to do, like caring for yourself, being productive at home, school, work or in the community, and taking part in leisure activities.

Group education will allow you to better understand the role of your mood, physical activity, and outlook play in chronic pain management. These workshops are also a chance to learn from and share with others that are experiencing the same struggles you are.

There are five workshops that you will need to attend in sequence. Here’s the breakdown:
1) Introduction (1.5 hours)
2) Pain 101 (2 hours)
3) Pain 102 (2 hours)
4) Loss & Costs of Pain (3 hours)
5) Living with Pain (2 hours)
*Breaks are provided and encouraged throughout each workshop

CLICK HERE for workshop descriptions

Optional monthly drop-in group support sessions offer you a chance to talk to and listen to other patients of the program in a more casual setting.

How do I book an appointment?

If you have questions about the Chronic Pain Management Program, give us a call at 519-837-4444  or speak with your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner for more details.

What is Chronic Pain?

If your pain lasts 3 months or longer and affects your quality of life, you’re not alone.

This video explains the difference between acute pain (the pain you feel due to tissue damage) and chronic pain. Chronic pain is usually due to a super sensitive nervous system that keeps signalling paint to the brain, even though your tissues have healed and aren’t in danger. Chronic pain is complex because to understand it, you need to look at all the things in your life that might be affecting your nervous system.

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