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Team care supports…




Team members feel supported

Best part of working with a team is the range of backgrounds and experiences of team members, allowing for excellent collaboration on patient care.

We are most proud of our capabilities to tackle issues/tasks as a team. It is always a safe place to discuss ideas/changes we would like to apply and also open to others feedback.

Best part of working with a team is supporting one another so that we can do the best we can. It’s always better when everyone is succeeding!”

Team care supports patients

Over 17,000 people resonded to the Guelph FHT Patient Experience Survey (Apr 2022 – Mar 2023)


of patients report the quality of care they received was excellent/good


of patients report they are always/often given an opportunity to ask questions about recommended treatment


of patients report they are always/often involved as much as they want to be in decisions about their care


of patients report their Healthcare Provider always/often spends enough time discussing what is important to them

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Guelph FHT Patient & Family Advisory Committee

2022 – 2023 Highlights:

  • Advised Guelph FHT on patient preferences for virtual and in-person care
  • Re-designed patient experience survey to be more user-friendly
  • Designed patient-facing Green Health materials
  • Advised Diabetes Care Guelph on culturally sensitive patient engagement
  • Consulted the FHT Board on how to help patients and providers get the most out of their medical appointments

Teamwork builds a better health system

Guelph FHT – proud partner of

  • As part of the Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team (OHT), Guelph FHT is helping to build Integrated Patient Care Teams
    (IPCT) across the community
  • IPCT builds on the strengths of team-based care to better integrate home and community care, and mental health and addictions support

Guelph COVID, Cold, Flu Care Clinic

Collaboration with Guelph FHT, Guelph General Hospital and WDG Public Health

Working with our partners to meet the needs of the community

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