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Patients get the care they need when they need it

Guelph Family Health Team continued to support 125,000 patients with in-person appointments and virtual visits

Guelph FHT Primary Care appointments in 2021-2022:
In-person appointments% Total VisitsVirtual visits% Total Visits
Physician visitsApprox. 366,000Approx. 60%Approx. 244,000Approx. 40%
FHT Clinician visits26,69530%63,94170%
Data based on an estimate of Physician and Guelph FHT Clinician visits during Apr 1, 2021 to Mar 31, 2022
Preventative Care is always a priority!


cancer screening appointments were completed by Guelph FHT Nurse Practitioners
Data based on Guelph FHT NP visits during Apr 1, 2021 to Mar 31, 2022

celebrate people

Our team feels supported in their work

Celebrating some of the work being done…
Alicia Atkinson
  • Lead Clinic Coordinator of partner-led mass vaccine clinics (in collaboration with WDG Public Health and University of Guelph)
  • 127,264 vaccinations given at FHT Clinics
Ginny Minard
  • On-site to support Practices and Staff and to troubleshoot issues throughout the pandemic
Dr. Joan Chan
  • Lead Physician/Clinical Consultant at Guelph FHT/University of Guelph COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
  • Developed weekly COVID-19 education series for Physicians
Dr. Kate Miller
  • Developed education sessions for Physicians on COVID-19 therapies
  • Represented the primary care perspective on the Ontario Covid-19 Science Advisory Table
Dr. Doug Friars
  • Physician Lead for the Guelph COVID-19 Assessment Centre (CAC)
  • Founding member of Guelph Wellington Physician Association
Erin Sevigny
  • Infection Prevention and Control Lead (IPAC) for Guelph FHT
Wasiema Gohozar
  • Decision Support Specialist who delivered
    comprehensive COVAX system training,
    rollout, and support
Shana Hayhurst
  • Patient & Family Advisory Committee Chair – engaged with committee members and FHT staff, advising on FHT programs, services and the COVID-19 strategy

celebrate partnerships

Working with the community to build a better health system

Guelph FHT – proud partner of

  • Guelph FHT and Ontario Health Team partners collaborated throughout the pandemic
  • Our Ontario Health Team work continues to focus on improving health care for patients and providers

99% of patients

rated their satisfaction with the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic (at University of Guelph) as Excellent or Very Good

(COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Patient Survey, 2021)

69,393 patients

visited the Guelph COVID-19
Assessment Centre
*Data based on swabs and assessment done from April 2021 to March 2022


FHT Physicians supported the Guelph COVID-19 Assessment Centre

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