A Team-based Approach To Your Care

Since 2006, the Guelph Family Health Team has taken a team-based approach to patient care and wellbeing. The traditional experience of going to the doctor when you are sick is evolving to a complete team of health care professionals that offers patients support for every need, in every stage of life.

In addition to your relationship with your family doctor, patients benefit from the expertise of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Clinical Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians, Mental Health Counsellors and health promotion specialists. Referrals to these in-house care team specialists are faster than with the traditional model, reducing wait times, and improving access for everyone.

By connecting patients to a full team of specialists, we help define your specific needs and goals. Then, we will help put a program in place to meet them. This leads to a more prevention-based model in addition to addressing symptoms and the best possible recovery.

This leads to the right care at the right time by the right professional, and costly emergency, hospital and clinic visits can be reduced over time with this approach.

We are proud that Guelph Family Health Team is leading the way in the delivery of primary care in Ontario. Our Management Team, through ongoing visioning, coaching and careful measurement of our work, provides a higher level view of the community’s health care system and its resources. This allows for adjustments when necessary, and connecting with other community agencies and health care providers for a truly system-wide approach to your care.

The Guelph Family Health Team is setting a new standard in Ontario, providing leadership for other Family Health Teams and collaborating with community partners to pioneer new, award-winning programs to deliver the best quality of integrated care as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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